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in the economy a jump in construction and manufacturing jobs helped bring the unemployment rate down to 5%. the economy gained 200,000 new positions last month. >>> in mexico startling new developments about a cargo of stolen radioactive material. they havthey have arrested two . they are being treated for raid radiation poisoning. poisoning. ♪ ♪ >>> as the word continues to mourn the loss of nelson mandela, stories are emerging of how america was crucial in the fight against racial segregation. consider this what was america's role in helping break the power of apartheid ove overseas the secretary for african a affairs will join us. >>> new york's mayor elects one of the biggest supporters to head the nypd. >>> a new wave of violence hit bebengazi. >> what would it be like to live on a floating ship in the middle of the ocean. >>> welcome to "consider this". we begin with the celebration of the life and legacy of nelson mandemandela. a ten-day mourning period began in south africa where mandela ercheddeendended the wave of ap. >>> mamandela's fellow lauret sd the sun will rise tomor
. >> good-bye from us. >> thanks for watching. c"cnn newsroom" starts now. >>> right now the economy's growing but stocks are sinking. we'll tell you why. also, right now fast food workers are sending a message, minimum wage is not enough to live on. walking off their jobs. goal is to double their pay. and right now, the killing of an american in benghazi, libya. it's being investigated, reportedly a school teacher and he's described as someone who is, quote, sweet to everyone. -- captions by vitac -- >>> hello, i'm wolf blitzer in washington. first up, the health of the u.s. economy and your 401(k), a key checkup shows the economy growing at a quicker pace than expected. you'd that that would send stocks soaring but that's not necessarily the case. zain asher joining us from the new york stock exchange. start with the key economic report that came out today. how much growth are we talking about? >> reporter: third quarter gdp coming in at 3.6%. certainly a good headline number and the biggest growth we've seen since the first quarter of 2012. part of the reason for thi
, good news about the economy, two brand new snapshots of the u.s. economy, both striking ones. the gdp, the gross domestic product shot up 3.6% in the third quarter and a second report is showing the best private sector jobs growth all year. zain asher will join us had ffrw york in a minute. probably means the friday jobs market numbers will be very good. those numbers come out tomorrow. >>> the fight to close that wage gap heats up today, in just about two hours thousands of fast food workers are expected to protest in 100 cities across the country, from new york city to new orleans, to oakland, trying to pressure employers into paying a livable wage of $15 an hour. now they've got a powerful ally on their side, president obama. >> we know that we're going to have a greater and greater portion of our people in the service sector and we know that there are airport workers and fast food workers and nurse assistants and retail sales people who work their tails off and are still living at or barely above poverty. that's why it's well past the time to raise a minimum wage. >> but the messa
will boost the economy by more than 3%, cut the deficit by almost $200 billion over ten years, savings from new workers, new businesses and new taxpayers. those numbers were not lost on the party's fiscal hawks. >> i'm not aware of any trade association, any major or minor business group that doesn't recognize we need more people, business, and fiscal workers. >> and they recognized the historic vote, with the republican party's renewed political life. >> i know that everything is not going to change in a year. but if we don't start now we're not going to have anymore success in four years, eight years or 12 years. >> joining me now back in this reality, is the president of the national council. based on the surprising staffing choice, janet, this staffing choice, staffing choice of members of congress don't normally make news, but this one did. it got tons of attention, the senators tweeting congratulations. why all the hubub about a staffer? >> well, i think it is important, as somebody who worked on capitol hill, i understand how important staff can be. there is no question that the spea
house. president obama is renewing his call to raise the minimum wage. >> making sure our economy works for every working american. >> reporter: the national restaurant association says most fast food workers are happy and labor unions are staining these demonstrations. >> you cannot be an employee and be demanding salary based on your needs. salaries have to be based on the economy and what the economy in the area can bear. >> reporter: organizers say they are planning more protests in the future. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. >> well, the stars sure came out last night in rockefeller center. the christmas tree is now in place. mayor michael bloomberg turned on the lights that illuminated a dazzling display of 45,000 multicolored led lights. it's a 76-foot spruce tree from connecticut. it is part of a ceremony that dates back to 1933. this tree you see here will be on display till january 7. afterward it is will be milled into lumber and it will be donated to habitat for humanity. >>> the holiday decorations are up inside the white house. first lady michele obama helped us
had to say. >> shut down everybody but let's go to the state of the union. economy continuing to strengthen. no washington shutdowns. i think the president will people's d the confidence will recover. we need to push congress to do immigration, to do smart things to help the economy. the american people are sitting at home talking about all of the issues which is most important to me. job and my -- my income. and that's what washington needs to focus on. are merican people screaming at us. focus for us what's important to us. plouffe there writes -- paints a bright picture on the in zon for the white house terms of how things could go. how do you see that? >> the president said this is in hands. we can try to turn this around as david said about is health working. are people getting insurance? are insurance companies saying yes? right data.g the and, yeah, there are -- there not in that maybe short of term where the -- where the country starts saying, okay, bumpy start. but it's getting better. the economy is improving. at the same time, you -- you have a series of
, and that's hurting the economy, as well as the military authorization bill, the defense authorization bill that allows the military to get paid next year. these things have to get done fast, it is going to be very tough including avoiding a shutdown. jenna: sometimes you're known for procrastination, maybe a tougher deadline can help everyone -- i'm just going to be optimistic. >> nice place to start. [laughter] jenna: carl, thank you. jon: when americans hear the work schedule, no wonder congress has such a low approval rating. let's go to the extreme weather alert, a nasty winter storm causing big, big problems. after being pummeled with heavy snow and freezing winds, areas are digging in for a burst of very cold temperatures. the storm is on the move now and spelling icy trouble across the south. meteorologist maria molina is here with what we can expect today. maria? >> reporter: hi, jon, good to see you, and hello, jenna. we've been looking at some very cold current wind chill temperatures with some areas looking at a current wind chill at about threes below -- 40 degrees below zero a
. this economy wants to take off and things want to grow. we want to rebuild our manufacturing base. to my mind it's not just the minimum wage, that's part of it. we can't for get those who have been left behind. we have this very dangerous thing called structural unemployment in this country. i don't think we've seen this since the great depression. it's the mcdonald's versus apples. companies require fewer people and investors are doing better and private equity firms are doing better but leaving in its wake people who aren't trained for the economy and have nowhere to go. that's the reality of where we are and the economy will proceed more in this direction as opposed to the mcdonald's side. >> that's what's scary in the jobs we have now, our largely service jobs and largely low wage majority of the groupz created out of the recession are low wage service jobs. does that responsibility to push the wage up, does that fall just to the states and federal level or do you think corporations themselves have a responsibility to their workers to provide a living wage? >> of course corporations ought
a floundering economy. there is one area that can help break the logjam, not solve all our problems, certainly, but help us significantly along the way. congress should address the critical needs of our nation's infrastructure deficit. roads, bridges, transit systems are all increasingly at risk. we are facing an inadequate state of repair, construction of new facilities are on hold and we are losing ground in meeting our own needs, let alone the challenges of global competition. yet, this challenge is an opportunity for some potential progress. we know what to do to meet this challenge. we can write a new transportation bill that will meet today's needs. it just needs more money. there is a vast coalition that supports additional resources for infrastructure. the so-called special interests that are so often at odds are remarkably aligned when it comes time to recognize and fix this problem. business, labor, professional groups, local government, environmentalists, truckers, bicyclists all agree. the paralysis that surrounds questions of raising taxes does not necessarily need to apply in thi
in jobs. does president obama deserve credit for improving the u.s. economy after a surprisingly strong employment report? i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> a ten-day mourning period is under way for one of the most influential leaders of our time. we're learning more about the final tributes to nelson mandela. stand by for that, and for my special conversation with the former president, bill clinton. he reveals a time when he and the south african president didn't see eye-to-eye but first, the breaking news we're following. >>> a brutal winter storm turns deadly. at least four people have been killed on icy roads in the southern u.s. we're seeing a dangerous mix of snow, sleet, freezing rain and bone-chilling cold, and it's creating hazardous conditions from texas to tennessee and beyond. now a one-two punch of weather misery is on the way, affecting both coasts from now through monday. we have team coverage beginning with our meteorologist jennifer gray at the cnn weather center. jennifer, what's going on? >> well, we are getting that one-two punch. we have this on
in america. people a little bit down on their luck in transitioning back into the economy, thinking, gosh, i could probably use a food stamp. well, it's the holiday spirit, republicans are getting into the holiday spirit this year, by oh, what the heck, let's attack the poor people and let's throw in the pope this time, too. leave it these guys, to slam the needy people in america. leave it to these guys to slam these folks just a couple weeks before christmas. [ whistling ] last night, bill o'reilly took his belittling of the poor to a whole new level. owe ri'reilly claimed that jesu might not be in favor of food stamps. >> the problem, as i stated, you're helping one group by hurting another group. and a bigger group. and so i don't know if jesus is going to be down with that. >> yeah, you don't know if jesus is going to be down with that. you know exactly what society was like some 2,000 years ago there, billo. oh, riley, he didn't stop there. he went on to say if you were on food stamps, it's your own fault. >> some of the people who don't have enough to eat, it's their fault they don't
from taxpayers to get by. we heard the president speak about the economy. i just want to remind everybody what he had to say. take a look. >> we know there are airport workers and fast food workers and nurse assistants and retail sales people who work their tails off, and are still living at or barely above poverty, and that's why it's well past the time to raise a minimum wage that in real terms right now is below where it was when harry truman was in office. >> so, paul, if we look at certain states, california, new jersey, new york, they've raised minimum wage requirements, but on a national level, how effective are demonstrations like what we'll see today to help elevate the conversation to where it needs to be? >> i've been following involved with wage campaigns for more than 20 years. i've never seen this level of national focus and momentum, and in particular, states are already starting to act and they're pushing for much more significant increases in the minimum wage that bring it much closer to the historic level. the president and congress have called for $10 an hour.
, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities. and better is so easy withrning you cabenefiber.o something better for yourself. fiber that's taste-free, grit-free and dissolves completely. so you can feel free to add it to anything. and feel better about doing it. better it with benefiber. in the florida everglades, it looks like they've gotten well-needed help. i want to bring in john zarre a zarrella. what is the latest here? have they been successful? >> reporter: yeah, this is really, really good news. what we are hearing now, we are here in the gulf of mexico, we just caught up with the stranding rescue team and the whales are gone. i'll repeat that. the whales are gone. they can't find them. a coast guard overflight of this part of the gulf of mexico and off the florida everglades did spot a large pod of whales in the 30s, they cannot confirm that it is the same group, but they are optimistic that it is and that group was 11 miles offshore. so, they have moved well offshore into deep water and the stranding team -- >> sounds like we lost john there. i mea
are not tone agers flipping burgers. is the better cure to improve the economy in general. you have to remember in the past 20 years or so. we hiked the minimum wage ten times federally. and since 1956 it was done five times. and we looked at businesses. i immediately looked at 15 year stock charts. i picked mcdonalds. and we look at stocks and how they perform. they inform people at minimum wages and both of their stocks hit all- time highs and that is since they were publicly traded since the 80s. and minimum wage hurts people. people say costs go up and the prices get more expensive. and the dollar menu goes away. and then the supporters. believe it or not costco was supportive of raising minimum wage but not to $15. >> it is a bug jump from $8 to faep. >> and especially for the small business. >> john boehner was talking about it this woke. he believes what? if you raise the unemployment minum wage. >> you get less jobs and fewer jobs, exactly. and that has been more of a conservative view point. but there are conservatives, and the state of new jersey run by chris christie and their state
in the economy has nothing to do with washington. i would note that there are a lot of people if anything goes wrongs, they want to blame the president. if anything goes right, they say he had nothing to do with it. but i think broad trends are influenced by policy but no one month's job numbers are really influenced by policy. >> that is a very realistic view of thing and i applaud austin for saying it. if there were magic levers, we would have seen these kinds or better historically large job numbers. when they passed any of the thing the administration did. that's not how it works. and they will get blamed for bad things and credit for good things and that's why the president is dancing. >> one of the issues with these job numbers is that the jobs being created are not the kinds of jobs that economists say they would like to be seen being created. they are low wage jobs, retail jobs. what is your thought about that? >> well, i think two things. the first thing that i note is there was a time when there were people saying all the jobs being created were part-time jobs. and this has put the n
industry is a $200 billion industry and one of the most profitable industries in our economy today. mcdonald's, for example, which pays its workers a median wage of less than $9 an hour posted $5.5 billion in profits last year and compensated its ceo almost $14 million. so clearly, the money is there in the corporation and the question is how do we get that to trickle down to workers above poverty wages. >> it makes sense and on the other end, the way the business models is set up, that's not the way the world is working right now and they've talked about this debate. you heard katy say it, and economists that i've seen crunch the numbers have said the cost of a burger and fries would go up 10% to 20%. the franchise association says 25% to 50% and that ultimately, though, their big argument says this will lead to the loss of entry-level jobs. does it have to? >> it doesn't have to, and we know that when you give workers a wage and especially low-wage workers. wage increase and they spend that money and put it right back into the economy. those are the workers that eat at the establishm
economic growth and growing the economy and giving everyone a chance to go ahead. people don't want redistribution. but with the republican party offering very little his message resonates with the democratic base. >> if you don't think we should raise the minimum wage, let's hear your idea to increase people's earnings. you don't think of child should have access to preschool, tell us what you would do differently to give them a better shot. martha: increase the inmum wage and increase childhood education. >> he spoke as if he hadn't been president. he spoke as if he's on the outside of his own presidency. he has been president for five years. what we have seen in the speech and what we'll continue to see is more class warfare because this is who he is. he is a leftist and essentially a socialist. so he believes in waging the class warfare. when he talks about -- when he spoke about the american dream he has a warped leftist view of that dream. he believes the state should use its to force greater income he:quality. when government do that it's essentially called communism. the ame
by president bush and more by president obama and the struggles with the economy and everything else. if you look at the polling, it shows a drop in support for democrats and the republicans have not been able to seize control of this. especially gay marriage and marriage equality. that is supported by the generation and for the republicans to take advantage of the opportunity that has been handed them, they will have to handle that really well. most on college campuses, you see here most of the republicans are much more supportive of the issue. it's not a threshold issue. it's critically important otherwise a wasted opportunity to seize support from folks who are looking for other opportunities to support different leaders. >> one thing that the president's reelection campaign benefitted from was turn out specifically about african-americans. they have the turn out machine for 2014. in terms of what will vote in 2013, whites 36%. hispanics 28%. african-americans 27% is down a lot from november of 2009. what do democrats have to do? can they rely on the get out the vote effort or do they hav
these numbers are proof the economy is getting better. critics warn low unemployment means the federal government may cut back on economic stimulus which could force the stock market to take a hit. chris wallace is live on capitol hill, celebrating a milestone. chris has been doing "fox knossos" for ten years. hart to believe. we have been stuck with you for ten years. >> i hope it's not stuck. we're going to have a little piece at the end of the show on sunday, taking a look bat at the highlights and lowlights of the last ten years. i'm sure you feel this, shep, with your show. just amazing over the course of a decade who you get to talk to, where you get to go. the adventures you go on, and i'm so grateful to have had the opportunity. >> tell me the lowlights. >> you probably know most of those as well. you'll see them. the good, the bad, and some surprises along the way. >> what do you make of this business on current topics? >> well, you mean in terms of the unemployment rate? >> yes. >> you're exactly right. it's great news. 7%. 203,000 jobs created. the latest upgraded numbers fo
citizens. let's not do that. >> this killing health benefits is shattering the economy all across the country, in all 50 states. >> of course there are death panels in there. the important thing to remember is that's just one aspect of this atrocious, unaffordable, cumbersome, burdensome, evil policy of obama's. and that is obama care. >> obama care is really, i think, the worst thing that has happened in this nation since slavery. and it is in a way, it is slavery in a way. >> howard, is this the evil empire speech reapplied to obama care? i mean, i've never heard the word evil used to many times. i love the way sarah palin is unbelievely delicious at this. she talks about and those death panels are in there. i love the way she says the death panels are in there somewhere. like they're creeping around inside. >> i mean, sam very rightly and logically said these people should stop because the president said, repeated today, and reminded them that he's going to be in office. he can veto anything. so they ought to calm down. but the fact is when you watch a few of those clips and wh
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on that. >> hi there, kate. let's talk about the jobs report in a moment. your economy is three things, jobs, investments and housing. we think of it as the three corners of the triangle. you need all of those for your personal finances and to grow your wealth. small businesses, they seem to be hiring more than the big businesses are by the way. auto sales have been up. you have the signals that are showing the economy doing a little bit better. >> when you're talking about the economy doing better, let's talk about housing. you say there's good news there. >> that's one very important part of your finance triangle. 3% home growth is what zillow was forecasting. mortgage rates moving up, 4.46%. that's not necessarily bad. why? it says the banks might start writing more loans next year. >> historically they're still very low. >> very low, absolutely. anything under 5% is still very low. >> good news. why is the stock market still stalling? >> that's interesting. five down days for stocks over the past week. your 401(k) is up double digits this year, no question. you've seen really good
the entire health care system to damage the entire economy and now 5% is a diminimus figure to him. 80% of the website is working. 5% is no big deal. >> 90%. but that aside, do you know how much jeff bezos would have played to have amazon working at a 9 of 10 success rate. >> he would have with given anything. >> any website that starts off will have trouble. >> after three years and $600 million to get it going? this is outrageous. >> still having trouble. >> by the way, jeff bezos wasn't responsible for damaging -- >> nobody asked you about -- >> and >> let me say something to the 5 million. it's not 5 million individual people. these are families. >> wait, wait. >> that 5% number the president is another lie. when you look at the numbers they knew in july of 2010 they knew it would be a substantial part of the market up to 80%. 60% of small businesses and 45% of large businesses. >> argued it in federal court and andy mccarthy argued the admission in a brief. they deliberately misled people. this was never about getting people better health care. it's been about redistribution of we
investments, the dow speaks of 500 companies, mirrors the broad u.s. economy and right now with today's gain, 39th record close of the year. an average that is now on pace for 27% gain year to date. so not too shabby. meanwhile, the budget deadline is nearing and it's looking like any plan to attack the nation's debt is dead on arrival. everytime i have you here, you make a lot of sense. both sides, come on, guy, talk the talk and walk it, and they don't. what's the problem. >> it's interesting. they're actually beginning to hear us. you have a small budget agreement that is looming. >> what do you mean? >> very tiny. but they're understanding they cannot go back to the fiscal crisis. we cannot get ourselves in that position and they're feeling the pressure. >> so if they avoid that but they come through with no broad budget agreement on entitlements and kick that can down the road. for a guy looking at long-term getting our act together, get to to be disconcerting. >> absolutely is. we have to take small steps and hey have to demands of ourselves, not of them, but of our ourselves, don't ac
's stay on the economy. we learned today it grew more than anyone thought in the third quarter. the value of all the goods and services produced right here in the united states grew add an annual rate of 3.6%. that's great news. when you look at the stock market, let's take a quick peek. it's down just about 50 points. zain asher at the new york stock exchange for us. if we're talking gdp and that is up, why isn't the stock market mirroring that? >> well, what might seem like good news to you and i is certainly not good news to traders on the floor. yes, gdp coming in pretty strong, 3.6%. certainly the best reading we had since the first quarter of 2012 when it came in at 3.7%. the problem is when you have good, strong economic numbers like that, people sort of start to begin to have a meaningful conversation about tapering, about the possibility of tapering happening sooner than expected, especially when the strong data is in line with other pieces of strong data we have gotten this week. jobless claims down by 23,000. also new home sales as well, good car sales, good strong numbers from
the economy. american people are talking about all these issues except what is important to me, my job and income. that is what washington needs to focus on. american people are screaming, focus on what is important to us. picturepaint a bright on the horizon for the white in terms of how things could go. how do you see that? >> we can try to turn this , is working, are people getting insurance, are people aying yes? thee are scenarios where country starts saying, ok, it was a bumpy start but it will get better. the economy is improving. at the same time, you have a series of fiscal debates coming up between the president and congress and those have not gone well. the president and his team see those as opportunities again to sharpen the difference between what he is trying to do for the country and what republicans and their words are impeding. that may be an opportunity for obama some approval ratings, perception of competence among the public there it it is a rosy scenario and there is a lot between now and then that has to get fixed. the white house will have to rebrand in a way. >
, the deficit that the president found. including a collapsing economy in 2007. he has had enormous problems. in the midst of that, he has by the country back up. we have increasing numbers of people employed and we have a functioning health care plan that is getting off the ground in terms of the launch. when we focus on all the problems, not to see what the president is actually a commission. it is easy to snap your fingers and have people look and not see what his other hand has been doing. unemployment is down, not all the way down, but it is getting there. basically, the economy is coming back. .e has done a remarkable job i can see things i would have had him do differently or talk more about or whatever. that overall we are in a much better position than we were when george bush left.'s handle the white house has created tweeted this about half hour ago. 00 visits to yesterday, site stable. what do you make of this? guest: sounds like progress to me. they are getting almost one million people a day coming in. between now and the first of the year, th
low in fact but a tick upwards. so what you got here is a sign of some strength in the economy, some renewed hope that maybe we're breaking beyond the new normal. i can tell you now, martha. the reaction the stock market is exuberant. you will see the dow go up about 100 points plus minutes from now. martha: it's interesting, stuart. you know the next conversation will be, well, you know, are things heating up to the point where we need to kind of pull back the reins on the money we've been pushing into this market and that might send the stock market in another direction. >> maybe, but today with signs of strength in the labor market and economy, yes we'll have a nice rally for the stock market. maybe we'll postponing the idea maybe the federal reserve will print less money. maybe then the stock market will go down. celebrate while you can, martha, because we're up about 130 points right now. lori: take a moment to enjoy that. stuart, thank you very much. >> sure. bill: extreme weather now. look out for this. there is arctic air blasting center of the u.s. bringing subzero temperatu
in the first place. for too long, working families were more vulnerable to the anxieties of today's economy than a broken health care system. we took up the fight because we believe that in america, nobody should have to worry about going broke just because somebody in their family or they got sick. we believe that nobody should have to choose between putting food on their kid's table or taking them to see a doctor. we believe we are a better country than a country where we allow every day 14,000 americans to lose their health care coverage or where tens of thousands of americans die because they didn't have health care or where oup -- out of pocket costs drove people into poverty. we thought we were better than that and that's why we took this on. [applause] and that's what has gotten lost a little bit over the last couple of months. and our focus had to shift towards working 24/7 to fix the web site, where people can buy affordable insurance plans. and today, the web site is working well. more problems may pop up, as they always do when you are launching something new and w
of our time making sure our economy works for every working american. the opportunity gap in america is now as much about class as it is race. that gap is growing. so if we're going to take on growing inequality and improve upper mobility for all people, we've got to move beyond the false notion this is an issue exclusively of minority concern. >> good morning major garrett at white house. >> reporter: good morning charlie, norah, viewers out west. he gave the speech of what he believes an obsession republicans have to prosperity. the white house disagrees on this issue coming front and center in the next couple of weeks. congressional negotiator democrats and republicans on capitol hill are trying to figure out a way to avoid the second round of across the board spending cuts otherwise known as sequestration. those cuts would harm the push for better economic growth and wage equality. another push from the president, renewed push for higher minimum wage. currently $7.25 an hour. the white house backs the democratic proposal to raise to $10.10 an hour. these are
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in just a moment ago. the u.s. economy grew faster than expected in the third quarter and that's some good news. jobless claims are down, layoffs slow and unfortunately as we head to the holidays, a lot people end up losing their jobs and it may not be as bad as we have seen in past years. we will keep an on eye things. >> thank you for joining us on the morning ktvu channel 2 morning news news. >> i am pam cook, let's check with steve paulson on the forecast. cold, cold forecast. >>> 11 degrees and napa has set a record already, the one coming in 30 degrees oakland tied at 35, livermore does not look like they will set a record, and walnut creek, west of let loom, a lot of 30s and it is bitterly cold out there. tomorrow it will be cold, records there has been a bun 15 set. very low 50s, here is sal. >>> we do have some slow traffic out there and i want to mention we have a crash on whipple which is blocking lanes and traffic is backed all the way to san leandro so please give yourself extra time and it will be slow as you drive through. southbound 101, let's go show you live picture and t
. the economy has added an average of 202,000 jobs a month from august to october. the unemployment level stands at 7.3%. indications that the fed may cut back its economic stimulus sent stocks lower on wall street. the dow jones industrial average lost 68 points, its fifth straight day of decline. the nasdaq fell four points. asian markets were cautious ahead of the u.s. jobs report. tokyo's nikkei gained nearly 1% and hong kong's hang seng added nearly a fraction. general motors is pulling most of its brand from europe. it will end by 2016. gm says it will concentrate its european efforts on its european made opal brand. they'll offer the corvette throughout europe. >>> and fast food workers demonstrated for higher wages yesterday. protests and work stoppages were held across the country. the effort to raise the minimum wage to $16 an hour began about a year ago led by the service employees international union. >>> and when a tennessee couple ordered breakfast at mcdonald's, they got bucks instead. greg and stacy terry found three bags filled with money. it turned out the restaurant's deposit
stimulus of the economy. it's been its longest losing streak since september but the markets are waiting on today's jobs report due out at 8:30. checking the numbers for you the dow dropped 68 points closing at 15,821. the s&p 500 was down by almost 8 points. the nasdaq was off by about 5. >>> microsoft says it will beep you security to pre-- beef up security to prevent government snooping. the agency was intercepting traffic. microsoft fears the nsa may have broken into their global communication links as well. "the shington post" reports that microsoft plans to encrypt the data flowing through all of its communication, productivity and other scheses. google andrea -- services. google and yahoo plan to do the same thing. >>> attending college is not getting any cheaper. according to a new report by the institute for college access and success, itself average debt for the -- average debt for the class of 2012 is more than $29,000. that sup 10% from the year before and it's worse around our neck of the woods. the report says students in the east and midwest tend to borrow much more than i
.s. economy, and this is the system they have now settled on, privately, late in the evening. and then consider what the president said just this afternoon. >> the bottom line is, this law is working and will work into the future. >> senior fellow at the manhattan institute, national review columnist and how medicaid fails the poor. this is unbelievable. i mean, this is from the reuters report an hour ago. health plans will estimate how much they're owed. and then they will submit that estimate to the government. once the system is built, the government and insurers can reconcile the payments made with the planned data to true up the payments. oh, joy, so it is basically an honor system if i'm reading this correctly. >> well, the basic thing to understand is it is not a bailout of the insurers, but a bailout of the president. because two weeks ago we heard from one of the top operators of the system, is that it hadn't even been built yet. >> 30 to 40% of has not been built yet, we said exactly what part of it is that? and they revealed it is the payment mechani
that. we're talking about one sixth of the u.s. economy this, is the system settled on. at least privately, late in the evening. considering what the president said just this afternoon. >> bottom line is that law is working and will into future. >> senior fellow and author this is unbelievable. this is, so, had this is is from the report. they'll submit that to the government. once built, government and insurers can reconcile the payment to true up payments. oh, joy. so it's basically on honor system? >> basic thing to understand is that it's not a bail out of insurers but president. two weeks ago we heard from one of the top it officials is that system to pay insurers hadn't been built yet. >> 30% has not been built. we talked about what part is that? so now, they're saying how are insurance going to get paid? this is the solution? >> we're going to trust the insurance companies to say i think you owe me x amount? >> what is the alternative? if insurers don't get paid that way. they'll withdraw from markets. >> the only way we can keep insurers in the market is pay them in advan
but yesterday says she feels fine go get 'em. >> we got revised numbers on the economy and it looked great and still the dow is down today. i bottom line cavuto. -- i blame cavuto. if it's bad, it's cavuto. >> ca-ching, ca-ching, the new obamacare girl. winning a contest aimed at getting young people to sign up, telling them not to worry about the price tag. good thing she isn't because it's looking like the rest ofy . >> go ahead and sing it up but young people still ain't signing up, and as the new poll is any indication they won't be anytime soon. the polls finding only 22% of young people, the so-called
the problems of a tough economy here at home is one reason why americans are fed up with the lack of real progress about solving our domestic challenges? is that why people are turning away from supporting major foreign policy move right now? simple i think that's part of it. i think the bigger thing is the disappointment and the deception on the part of this president as well as the administration and the democrat leaders, quite frankly, in washington, d.c. and particularly in one of the studies that was a harvard institute of politics study, also, that showed that even millenials have done a 180-degree flip-flop. a majority of millenials voted for president obama and now a majority of millenials do not like obama care and what's also scary is that they believe he should be removed from office. i have to explain to a 23-year-old young man yesterday on my radio show, it's not as easy as it seems because of democrat-control of the senate. i think a lot of the desipgs that this administration has done on the american people is contributing to the mistrust in terms of our relationship with o
to actually hurt the economy. they feel like there needs to be a punishment for the country because it has sinned. >> i'm going to have to leave it there, ryan. thank you for your point. it was a good point. and thank you goldie for being on the show tonight. thank you, both. >>> coming up, the holidays are here and so is the right wing war on christmas. we'll show you why it's really about the culture wars. and a party afraid of change. the day we rescued riley was a truly amazing day. he was a matted mess in a small cage. so that was our first task, was getting him to wellness. without angie's list, i don't know if we could have found all the services we needed for our riley. from contractors and doctors to dog sitters and landscapers, you can find it all on angie's list. we found riley at the shelter, and found everything he needed at angie's list. join today at [ mthat if you wear a partial,w you're almos likely to lose your supporting teeth? try poligrip for partials. poligrip helps minimize stress which may damage supporting teeth by stabilizing your partial. care for
.3% from the month before. the economy added 203,000 new jobs. >>> encouraging news about the pilot whales stranded in shallow water in the florida evergrades. officials say most of the whales, at least 35 of them, were able to swim into deeper water on thursday. officials are now tracking them from boats and from the air. good news there. >>> well, prosecutors have decided not to bring charges against heisman trophy favorite jameis winston. the florida state quarterback had been accused of sexual assault, but officials announced they didn't have enough evidence to pursue charges. winston is the acc player of the year. the number one seminoles are one win away from the bcs championship game. >>> moments thursday for passengers on a plane trying to land in high winds. take a look at what happened in birmingham, england. an emirates plane almost came in sideways. he circled around and tried again and then had to divert to another airport. this is due to winds there. it eventually did thankfully land safely but horrifying. >>> it's 7:18. that video is unbelievable. >> you feel that if you're
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